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From now on, let's talk about our swivel and tachometer

First of all, by using a swivel, we receive two major advantages never before.

Very quiet observation becomes possible.

Next, a stable flight plan can be set up.

Let me explain these two points.

I will explain from now on, the swivel is a rotary joint with built-in slip ring system. The inside of the swivel is filled with pressure equalizing oil and has high withstand pressure.

The graph below shows casting up to 6000 m, with each swivel when swivel is installed between the armored cable and the water sampler.

"Tachometer" (to be described later) was attached to the pulling of the armored cable (Evergrip) and "Orientation meter" was attached to the water sampler.


Red is about 190 revolutions with Armored Cable, green is 5 samplings with water sampler.
The direction of rotation of the armored cable changed from the vicinity of the bottle, but the rotation number and direction of rotation will change for each cast.
 The cause has not been elucidated.

From the results of this test, by attaching a swivel, you can see the following

· Armored cable freely turns
· The water sampler does not turn
· Since the water sampler does not receive the rotational force of the cable, it does not turn around and it is not swayed.  will not dance.
· Therefore, the water sampler can descend and rise quietly, can be measured

Let's see it, let's see it

Armored cable can turn freely
· Since twisting (twisting) does not occur, there is no turbulent winding of the winch.
· Since there is no turbulent winding, the winding speed of the cable becomes constant
· Winding time never gets longer
· Since there is no twist, a
Free Fall is not necessary

Since twist does not occur, it does not kink
· Because it does not kink, cable repair and its time disappear.
· Cable repair parts become unnecessary
· Because it does not kink, it does not drop the water sampler
· Since it does not kink, you can use without cutting the cable, so do not reduce it

Speedy casting can be done for a long time.
This will allow for planned casting and operation.

The water sampler is not affected by the rotational force of the armored cable
· It does not rotate.
· It is not swayed greatly.
· As a result, the water sampler can be controlled while maintaining its posture.

By using the swivel, it is possible to easily and unequivocally stable operation and very precise observation.
Do not rotate the water sampler, you can measure without swinging.

It is a feature of the swivel.
· Small and lightweight  Lightly turn around with a water sampler equipped with a swivel
· It can be connected directly with an anchor metal fitting, Ever grip.
· Installation and removal are easy.
· It can be used as it is with the observation system used now.
· It operates stably even in a large depth
· There is no noise generation
· On the ship, oil can be exchanged.   
I will do like this. I also understand that the swivel is smaller than I thought.
· Fiber cables were also effective. (2017 · January later)
· Stable performance can be maintained by periodic inspection every year.
· It is cheap

Size and weight     Diameter 77 mm, length between pins 160 mm, about 6 kg in the sky, about 5 Kg in the sea It is an external view.
Pressure resistance  Depending on the underwater connector to be used. The swivel is 120 MPa
Load test    load is 8 Ton
CTD of circuit 2 circuit assumed
Equal pressure type with oil

Tachometer / compass

It is a compass of memory type using geomagnetism.
Designed for measuring and recording the rotation of the armored cable. It is made very small, lightweight and can be attached to Evergrip.
It is possible to measure and record for a long time so that it will not interfere with water sampling and observation.

Fastest sampling period: 0.5 seconds (configurable).

Memory amount: Continuous 6 days (at 0.5 second interval) Since it is a nonvolatile memory, it does not disappear even if the battery runs out

Continuous observation for about 6 months using lithium battery is possible.
Please replace the batteries because they use commercially available CR2 batteries.

Calculate operation, angle, and rotation with the external PC using the supplied USB cable.
Please prepare personal computer, communication software, spreadsheet software.

Size and weight     Diameter 4 cm Length 18 cm, 360 g (in the air)  external view
Pressure resistance is determined by the connector to be used. Impulse is 6500 m. The body is 120MPa
Material Aluminum


Designed and manufactured in Japan. Repairing and periodic check conduct in Japan.

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